Gator Tail Outboards

Gator Tail Outboards

Innovative engineering applied to what matters most: Your time in the field.

At GatorTail, quality comes standard, but innovation is our driving force. Ever since we launched our first outboard, we’ve been pushing the boundaries for what mud motors can do and how hunters and anglers can use them to be more effective in the field.

As die-hard duck hunters, our Founders Kyle and Blaine Broussard knew the challenges of getting to the perfect duck spot. Everything from muddy bogs and marshes to logs and long drives were in the way of putting a bead on the next bird. With existing mud motors, they were stuck with a clumsy, inefficient, and difficult-to-maneuver tool—they got the job done, but it wasn’t always pretty. Kyle and Blaine decided to uproot the industry and begin designing the world’s best mud motor.

The original GatorTail mud motor was the first belt-driven mud motor, rated up to more than 103 horsepower, and could absorb impact more efficiently than chain-driven motors. It’s free-floating handle has the convenience of a traditional outboard, making quick maneuvers and long hours on the water easier than ever. Plus, the air-cooled engine is much more efficient, using half of the fuel used by comparable motors.

So, what does this mean to hunters and anglers? It means GatorTail boats are the most durable, long-lasting, easy-to-use, and efficient mud motors on the planet. They can take you through any shallow marsh, to any off-the-beaten path duck pond, and across any obstacle that’s between you and your next adventure.